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Academic Bulletin Division II - 2006-07

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Concentration in Division II

The requirements for departmental majors and minors in the Division are listed by individual departments.

In addition to departmental majors, the Division offers a Joint Major in the Humanities and Fine Arts, which the student should declare by the end of the sophomore year. The Division Chair will appoint a committee to supervise the Humanities major, taking into consideration the student's suggestions for membership. In the first semester of his junior year, the student must submit to his committee a written proposal for a project in the Humanities and Fine Arts, which will be completed, along with his course of study, by the end of the first semester of the senior year. A full statement of this program is available from the Division Chair.

Course Title Credits Prerequisites
HUM 121 Introduction to Language: Language Diversity as Reflected in Literature (ENG 121) 1/2  
HUM 122 Introduction to Language: Modern Linguistics (ENG 122) 1/2  
HUM 196 Religion and Literature (REL 196/ENG 196) 1  
HUM 277 Special Topics in Humanities 1 No prerequisites. 
HUM 296 Religion and Literature (REL 296 / ENG 296) 1