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Academic Bulletin Art - 2006-07 - 225 ART 225

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The objective of this class is to develop the student's understanding of art history. Through the analysis of a particular theme or topic, students will gain a greater understanding of visual communication and its history. Since the content of this course varies from year to year, it may be repeated for credit upon the instructor’s approval. Examples of course topics: Building for the Spirit; Religious Architecture from Antiquity to the Present; Women in Art; The Image of Man; Monumentality; Introduction to African Art, African American Art; The Art of the Ancient Americas; and Latin American Art. This course is offered in the spring semster, 2005-2006.

ART 225 Special Topics in Studio

Studies in Abstraction

This course will examine the various approaches used in the production and understanding of abstract art ranging from analytical examination of the physical world to nonobjective invention. Students will explore how line, form, color, space, texture, emphasis, continuity and balance can become the subject matter of abstract art. Students will also consider how one discusses critcal issues of a work of art when that work is absent traditional subject matter. This course is offered in the second half, spring semester, 2006-2007.
Prerequisite: Any one of the following courses: Art 120, 122, or 209.
Credits: 1/2