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Syllabus Statements

Syllabus Statments

Here are the most current syllabus statements for the Writing Center and the Office of Student Enrichment (OSE).

Writing Center

Do you have questions about how to start a paper? Are you struggling to get all of your ideas to fit? Do you have a draft but want someone to review it? Are you unsure of how to incorporate comments from your professor?

Head to the Writing Center!

No matter what your writing questions or needs, the Wabash Writing Center Consultants are eager and able to help you!

Please visit the webpage,, for the link to schedule an appointment.

If you have any questions, please email the director, Dr. Koppelmann, at

Office of Student Enrichment (OSE)

Succeeding at Wabash College takes a great deal of effort and planning. Life is complex, assignments are time consuming, and staying involved keeps you running. When you have questions about how to make everything fit into your schedule, how to study more efficiently, how to take better notes, or any other question about developing your college skills, visit the Office of Student Enrichment (OSE.)

Go to and follow the “Make an Appointment” link to arrange a one-on-one, personalized meeting. No matter your questions, the OSE Advisors will work with you to find a solution that helps you achieve your goals.

Updated 17 November 2022