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Grants for Student Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work

Student Grants PRogram

Individual students or groups of students may apply using this link for a grant by writing a proposal document that must be sponsored by a member of the Wabash College faculty. Proposals budgets must include supporting funds from an academic department, negotiated via the faculty project sponsor. 

Grant proposals fall into two general categories*:

(1) Travel to a professional conference to present research/creative work. If approved, we will award individual students no more than $1,000 for US travel -or- $1,200 for international travel per academic year. 

(2) Materials to support a research project that goes beyond efforts related to Wabash coursework. If approved, we will award individual students no more than $500 per academic year. 

Proposals must be student authored and revised in collaboration with their faculty sponsor. Be aware that proposals are only considered PRIOR to student travel and/or start of a reseach project. The committee cannot consider proposals submitted after a conference trip or start of a research project. Please plan ahead.

*This grant program does not support summer projects, summer internships, or student stipend funding. Please consult other sources, such as the Dill Fund, for these requests.