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Title: Philosophy of Mind
Course Section Number: PHI-269-01
Department: Philosophy
Description: What is the relationship between the three pounds of wet biomass in your skull and the fact that you understand the sentence that you are currently reading? This question, as with many good philosophical questions, is simple to state but very difficult to answer. Here is another way to think about it. One the on hand, you are a thinking being: You have thoughts, feelings, desires, wishes, and a rich inner mental life to which you alone have access. There is something that is it like to be you. On the other hand, you are a physical being: You are composed primarily of water and carbon, and constitute a complex system of biochemical reactions. You are the sort of thing that can be studied, and whose behavior can be explained, by biochemistry, neuroscience, and psychology. What are we to make of these two aspects of ourselves? In this course, we will study a variety of philosophical approaches to understanding the mind and its place in nature. Along the way, we will pay special attention to questions concerning the relationship between thought and language, the nature of conscious experience, and the possibility of artificial intelligence.
Credits: 1.00
Start Date: August 24, 2022
End Date: December 17, 2022
Meeting Information: 08/24/2022-12/16/2022 Lecture Monday, Wednesday, Friday 01:10PM - 02:00PM, Center Hall, Room 300
Faculty: Carlson, Matthew

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Cross-list Group Capacity: 20
Cross-list Group Student Count: 10
Calculated Course Status: OPEN
Section Name/Title Status Dept. Capacity Enrolled/
PHI-269-01 (primary)
Philosophy of Mind
OPEN Philosophy 20 10 / 10 / 0
NSC-269-01 (cross-listing)
Philosophy of Mind
OPEN Neuroscience 20 0 / 10 / 0