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Title: Environmental Literature
Course Section Number: FRE-277-01
Department: French
Description: With a focus on canonical French works, this course examines how literature and art form a unique meeting place of the natural environment and the creative imagination that allows us to explore a profound questioning of the human relationship to nature. By considering the impact of science and industry on natural and urban landscapes, the environmental catastrophes that result from nuclear power and warfare, the human rapport with or treatment of animals, as well as postcolonial ecocriticism that foregrounds environmental justice, we will consider how French literature and art invites us to reexamine how we interact with and treat the earth and its creatures. Though the course focuses on French works, these will allow us to explore the idea of environmentalism on the European continent and how it remains distinct from American environmentalism and the tradition of nature writing. Sample authors and works include Descartes, Rousseau, Chateaubriand, George Sand, Baudelaire, Zola, Maupassant, Beckett, Duras, as well as Barbizon painting and Impressionist art. Taught in English; students taking the course for French credit will complete readings and assignments in French.
Credits: 1.00
Start Date: August 24, 2022
End Date: December 17, 2022
Meeting Information: 08/25/2022-12/15/2022 Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 09:45AM - 11:00AM, Detchon, Room 220
Faculty: Quandt, Karen

Course Status & Cross-Listings

Cross-list Group Capacity: 15
Cross-list Group Student Count: 4
Calculated Course Status: OPEN
Section Name/Title Status Dept. Capacity Enrolled/
FRE-277-01 (primary)
Environmental Literature
OPEN French 15 1 / 11 / 0
HUM-277-01 (cross-listing)
Environmental Literature
OPEN Humanities 15 3 / 11 / 0