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Title: Drawing Animation
Course Section Number: ART-225-01
Department: Art
Description: Do you enjoy making quick sketches or more sustained drawings? Do you have notebooks with random designs, whimsical scenes or characters you have created? Whether you draw often, or it has been many years, in this course you can not only develop your drawing skills, but bring your drawings to life with animation. Through a series of prompts, the class will create short animations that explore various aesthetic sensibilities and individual stylizations, such as childhood drawing/symbolism, abstract narratives, and drawings combined with photographic collage. Originality, and creating distinct, unique visual images will be stressed in every animation. Some projects will also incorporate the use of digital scanners which make it possible to include original textures, materials and objects. Through Adobe After Effects and Photoshop class demos, students will learn simple and effective ways to animate their drawings and explore their ideas. Note: this class will not focus on traditional hand-drawn animation methods of creating multiple frames to produce the illusion of movement (it's much easier and less time consuming than that. You only have to draw something once to animate it.) No previous drawing or software experience is required.
Credits: 1.00
Start Date: August 24, 2022
End Date: December 17, 2022
Meeting Information: 10/25/2022-12/15/2022 Studio Tuesday, Thursday 01:10PM - 03:00PM, Fine Arts Center, Room A133
Faculty: Mohl, Damon

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