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Photo by Photo courtesy of Raul Salinas
In this issue, members of the Wabash community—including Raul Salinas ’03, who celebrated his 30th birthday in Antarctica—reflect upon the ways they’ve marked the milestones of their lives.

Happy Milestone Birthday to You: How Alumni Spent Their Milestone Birthday

The Founding Brothers of Phi Kappa Psi

Wabash Men in History: “Incorrigible Optimist”
by Jon Pactor '71

The Truth Window: Joe Trumpey ’88

"Substantial Power:" Phil Dewey ’89

A Man’s Life: Going Wild
by Benjamin Percy

The Eyes Have It
by Howard W. Hewitt

Milestones: An Eclectic Collection of Significant Moments
Wabash Alumni and Faculty

Good Food, a Glass of Wine and a Laugh with Friends
by Allen Clingler '02

Make It a Tradition
by Kurt Snyder '89

Repotted from Fog-Moist Hills to Cinder Dust
by Tim Conlon '62
Field Notes from a Columbian Dance Floor
by Joe Moore '06
End Notes: Pay Attention
by Andy Dreitcer '79
Online Extras
Alumni Gallery: Raul Salinas in Antarctica
Seven Little Stories About Sex
by Eric Freeze
The Truth Window
The Truth Window
Notes and additional photos.
Alumni Gallery: Phil Dewey ’89
Cardenas Collection Puts Face on Immigration
Glee Club Director Richard Bowen: “The Wabash Glee Club in Ecuador”
“Last Lecture” by Andy Dreitcer
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