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Additional Resources


American Library Association Copyright Tools
Wonderful resource--provides forthright methods of determining legality of use and an easy means of determining issues of public domain.

Code of Best Practices for Fair Use for Online Video
Document to help creators, online providers, and copyright holders, and others interested in the making of online video interpret the copyright doctrine of fair use.

Copyright and Artificial Intelligence
Guidance from the U.S. Copyright Office regarding content derived from Artificial Intelligence.

Copyright Challenge
Interactive questionnaire which tests copyright knowledge in a direct and interesting fashion.

Copyright Information Site (University of Minnesota)
Comprehensive and thorough resource with an excellent fair use assessment tool

Cornell University Copyright Information Center
Helpful guide to establishing issues of public domain.

Creative Commons
Shared site for creative works within a broad spectrum of disciplines.

Music Library Association Copyright Resource
Current and authoritative guide to the legal use of musical materials, plus valuable external links.

For additional assistance, please contact Diane Norton.