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Digital Content


Digital content may include any electronic media created and communicated in digital code. The copyright protection given non-digital content also protects digital content. A book is a book whether in digital or print format; a letter is a letter whether fixed on paper or in an email.  

For questions regarding AI derived content, please consult the Copyright and Artificial Intelligence Guidance from the U.S. Copyright Office, including the Guidance on Works Containing Material Generated by Artificial Intelligence.  

Technology makes it easier to infringe copyright but it does not justify infringement. Due consideration must be given to copyright restrictions when engaged in work that includes: 

  • Scanning or digitizing a printed work; 
  • Reformatting a digital work;
  • File sharing; 
  • Downloading and using content from a web site; 
  • Linking to Internet content;
  • Posting copyrighted content on a web site;
  • Forwarding, posting or reproducing for distribution business e-mails and attachments; 
  • Forwarding, posting or reproducing for distribution content from electronic discussion lists, bulletin boards or newsgroups.

  For additional assistance, please contact Diane Norton.