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Textbooks To Sell / Buy:
Brand new, unused copy of Homer's Iliad, Penguin Classics, translated by Robert Fagles $20.00 more >>>

UPDATED! "Introduction to a Philosophy of Music" by Peter Kivy
Like music? Get emotional? Get emotional listening to music? This book will tell you why. Enjoy music with a higher state of consciousness without usi ... more >>>

UPDATED! Five T'ang Poets
*Required text for Dr. Blix's "Classical Chinese Poetry" course. New, untouched copy. $10.00 Translated by David Young, Oberlin College Press 1990. ... more >>>

UPDATED! A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway
First Scribner trade paperback edition 2003 Gently used. I went to Paris and it is nothing like this. $8.00 more >>>

UPDATED! The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl
First Edition, Random House. Light annotations, barely used. Not a great read but mighty violent. $7.00 more >>>

UPDATED! Dante's Paradiso
Durling/Martinez Edition, Oxford University Press. Brand new, unused. The most beautiful stuff writ about a place we have never been. $20.00 more >>>

UPDATED! Dante's Inferno
Durling/Martinez Edition, Oxford University Press. Unused, light humidity damage (does not affect readability, makes reading more psychedelic). $1 ... more >>>

UPDATED! John Stuart Mill's Utilitarianism
First Edition from Hackett Publishing. Lightly annotated, light use. Learn how to use your friends for your own gain. $5.00 more >>>

UPDATED! Immanuel Kant's Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals
Third Edition from Hackett Publishing. Annotated, light use. Learn what to do. $7.00 more >>>

UPDATED! The Cambridge Companion to Dante
Second Edition, Edited by Rachel Jacoff. Select annotations, light use. $10.00 more >>>

UPDATED! Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics
Second Edition from Hackett Publishing. Light annotations, barely used. $7.00 more >>>

UPDATED! Deduction (Symbolic Logic)
Unused Second Edition of Daniel Bonevac's textbook. Required for Prof. Carlson's Symbolic Logic course. A real man's book. $33.00 more >>>