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About The Classifieds

Welcome to the Wabash College Online Classifieds.

The Classifieds tool is intended to offer a centralized, web-based location for the exchange of goods, services and information for the benefit of the Wabash College community.

The most recent three listings appear on the Current Students and Faculty and Staff home pages. The most recent ten listings appear on the Classifieds home page. To see all active listings in a particular category, click on that category on the menu bar on the left.

Only Wabash current students, faculty and staff may place ads. Log in using your Wabash username/password in the login box under "Place/Edit Ads" login. Once logged in, click "New Ad" and fill out the form to place an ad. Ads stay posted for fourteen days unless you specify a shorter time period.

Once you have logged in you can manage your ads by clicking the "My Ads" menu option. You can edit or change your ads, and delete those ads that are no longer valid (for example, if you sold what you wanted to sell). Note that if you change an ad you can run it for another 14 days, regardless of how long the ad has already run.

When logged in, you can see how many times your ads have been viewed by clicking the "My Ads" link.

The following guidelines will help make the Classifieds system a beneficial system for all.

  • Use the Classifieds system instead of campus mailing lists for buying/selling, lost and found, rides, housing, etc.
  • Use an appropriate display time to limit the number of expired ads. For example, if you need a ride on September 21, have the ad expire on September 21 so people won't continue to see it after that date.
  • If you have sold or found what you are looking for, remove your ad from the system so others don't think it is still a valid ad.

If you have any concerns or comments about the Classifieds, please contact the Help Desk.