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Academic Bulletin Preamble to the Curriculum - 2014-15

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Preamble to the Curriculum

We, the Faculty of Wabash College, believe in a liberal arts education. We believe that it leads people to freedom, helps them choose worthy goals and shows them the way to an enduring life of the mind. With its ideals in view, we have designed our curriculum according to the following principles:

The graduate in the liberal arts has pondered ideas as they come to him out of the ages of human thought.

He has watched their myriad forms in the great works of philosophy, history, theology, mathematics, arts and literature.

He has seen how the natural sciences try to answer the crucial questions of man, and he has himself taken part in their meticulous labor.

He has shared the endeavor of social science to probe the nature of man and the world he builds, and he has practiced its methods of coping with human conflicts and social needs.

In the study of foreign civilizations and people, he has found himself not only the creature of his time and place but also a citizen of the worldwide human community.

He has learned to read, to write, and to speak clearly and creatively, and he has begun to acquire the skills that will qualify him for increasing leadership in his vocation.

We, the faculty, believe that these principles are indispensable to the teaching to which we devote our careers. And we believe that to follow them will enable the graduates of Wabash College to judge thoughtfully, act effectively, and live humanely in a difficult world.