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Academic Bulletin Art - 2012-13 - 225 ART 225

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ART 225 Special Topics in Studio

New and Expanded Media

This is a hand-on studio course designed to explore the question, “What does it mean to make *art* in the 21st century?” Combining different types of creative research, students will consider the way in which boundaries between traditional media—drawing, painting, sculpture, photography—are becoming blurred and also conflated with other forms of visual expression, such as installation, site specific work, public enactment/ performance, outsider art, digital media, video production, and various types of commercial media. Through project-based research, students will examine the historical and contemporary relationships between mediums, and the disciplines involved with artistic practice. The class aims to expose students to varied methods and motivations for making art, and also invites them to actively consider the relevance of visual art in our contemporary moment.

Credits: 1/2