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Academic Bulletin Teacher Education Program - 2012-13 - 401 EDU 401

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EDU 401-406 Special Methods in the Content Areas

In this course, using their liberal arts education and previous experiences in education classes, students will examine the methods and pedagogy specific to their discipline for teaching grades 5-12. In addition, referring to Indiana and national content standards for secondary teachers, students will become familiar with the content and approaches to planning and instruction in middle and high school settings. Drawing on both classroom and field-based experiences, students will analyze, design, and implement curriculum for a diversity of secondary students in their content area, including attention to special needs students and English language learners. As well, the course asks students to explore differentiated instruction methods, the use of technology, and alternative assessments in the context of their content area. In addition, students will reflect on their beliefs and experiences with learning and teaching in their content area as they continue to develop their teaching philosophy and stance. Students are expected to complete a field experience in their content area, preferably with the cooperating teacher with whom they will be placed for student teaching, and are introduced to professional organizations in their content area.
192 2012-2013 Wabash College Academic Bulletin
401. Teaching of Language Arts (English)
402. Teaching of Mathematics
403. Teaching of Laboratory Sciences (Physics, Biology, Chemistry)
404. Teaching of Social Studies (Psychology, History, Economics, Political Science)
405. Teaching of Foreign Languages (Modern)
406. Teaching of Latin
These courses are offered in the fall semester.

Prerequisites: PSY 101, EDU 101, EDU 201, EDU 202, EDU 302, senior standing, and admission to the Teacher Education Program.

Credits: 1/2