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Academic Bulletin Psychology - 2012-13 - 495 PSY 495

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PSY 495-496 Senior Project

Students in this two half-course sequence will complete a year-long capstone project intended to integrate the content and skills they have learned in the major and develop expertise in an area of interest. This project will consist of either an empirical study or a community-based practicum. The empirical study will be one that the student plans and carries out with general guidance from a faculty mentor. For the community-based practicum option, students will work with a professional involved in the delivery of psychological services. All projects will culminate in an APA-style manuscript and a poster presentation. Students intending to register for Psychology 495 must first meet with a faculty member in the Psychology Department to choose which type of project they wish to pursue and to propose an area of specialty. PSY 495 will be offered every fall semester, and PSY 496 will be offered every spring semester.

Prerequisite for PSY 495: Senior standing as a psychology major or minor

Prerequisite for PSY 496: Psychology 495

Credits: 1/2