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Academic Bulletin Psychology - 2012-13 - 220 PSY 220

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PSY 220 Child Development

This course explores the process of child development with particular emphases on cognitive and social development from infancy through early adolescence. We will discuss the development of observable behaviors such as language and aggression, the underlying mechanisms that guide and shape development, and empirically-grounded practical recommendations for fostering healthy development. Additional topics include the roles of nature and nurture in development, the formation of parent/child attachment, social cognition, autism, and peer relationships and their effect on social development. The methodologies used by researchers, and the appropriate interpretation of research findings, will be an emphasis throughout the course. Through weekly observations and naturalistic laboratory assignments in local preschools, students will learn and practice several of these research methodologies. This course is normally offered in the fall semester

Prerequisite: PSY 201 recommended.

Credits: 1