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Academic Bulletin Political Science - 2012-13 - 313 PSC 313

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PSC 313 Constitutional Law

Do gay Americans have a constitutional right to get married? Should racial and ethnic minorities receive the benefits of affirmative action when applying to college or law school? Does a woman have a constitutional right to an abortion? Does the federal government have the power to regulate health care? What role should judges play in deciding such divisive and morally vexing issues? This course examines the Supreme Court’s most potent power—to strike down as unconstitutional the actions of elected officials on these and other “hot button” issues. How should the Court apply such broadly worded constitutional guarantees as “equal protection” and “due process of law” to modern problems? Should the Court follow the “original intent” of our Founders or be guided by more recent, evolving standards? When the Court has wrestled with tough issues, what impact has its decisions had on other branches of government and on American society in general? Counts as an advanced course in American Politics. Offered fall semesters

Prerequisite: None.

Credits: 1