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Academic Bulletin English - 2012-13 - 101 ENG 101

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ENG 101 Composition

Multiple sections will be offered in the fall semester each limited to 15 students. While instructors may use different approaches, all are concerned with developing every student’s use of clear and appropriate English prose in course papers and on examinations. All instructors have the common goal of encouraging the student to write with accuracy of expression, as well as with logical and coherent organization. Students will be responsible for writing at least one in-class essay and a series of longer, out-of-class essays. In both full-course and half-course versions, students must develop an awareness of the strengths and weaknesses in their writing and must acquire the necessary skill to revise and rewrite what they thought were final drafts of essays. They must, in other words, become editors of their own writing. Past experience has shown the Department and the College that writing well in high school does not necessarily assure the same in college. Enrollment in this course is limited to those students required to take it, baded on SAT English Writing Exam scores. Offered fall semesters.

 Prerequisite: None.

Credits: 1 or 1/2