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ART 312 Post Modern Art and Culture

Modernism, as an art form and a historical/cultural condition, took many distinct forms and set out various contradictory goals. It has been said not only that the project of modernity is unfinished, but that every modernism has its own postmodernism. What does it mean to say that we are no longer modern, that the new is now old? Together we will discuss these questions from a variety of different angles, equipped with a variety of approaches. The course will concentrate on the relationships between art, culture, politics, and critical, theoretical writing. We will attempt to make sense out of what is often contentious, playful, contradictory, or even willfully obscure in contemporary art and criticism. This course is important for anyone wishing to participate in the contemporary public debates about the meaning and value of art and culture. Offered the second half of the fall semesters in odd-numbered years.

Prerequisites: Art 209 and junior or senior standing, or consent of instructor.

Credits: 1/2