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Academic Bulletin English - 2012-13 - 498 ENG 498

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ENG 498-499 Creativ Writing Capstone Portfolio Course

In these two half-credit courses, the student writes and revises a portfolio of his work in a single genre. The portfolio should include the author’s best work, accompanied by an introductory aesthetic statement. During the first semester in 498, the student will meet in workshop with other senior writers in their chosen genre. In the second semester in 499, the graduating writing concentrator will further develop and revise his portfolio, and give a reading of his work. The portfolio courses will provide workshops to help students in publication and in application to graduate programs. Readings in the courses will be varied; some will be guides for practical instruction, others will be theoretical or craft texts to help the student find formal coherence in his portfolio.

Prerequisite: 300-level workshop, majors only.

Credits: 1/2