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Academic Bulletin Theater - 2012-13 - 303 THE 303

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THE 303 Seminar in Theater

New York City: Stage and Screen

From Lincoln Center to the Astor Place Opera House, from the Disney mega-musicals of Broadway to edgy one-person shows in the East Village, New York City has shaped American performance culture since the founding of the Republic. The objective of this course is to examine and experience the vast array of performance offerings of the City, a rich and perpetually changing tapestry of theater, film, dance, opera, and performance art. We will also reflect on the ways in which New York City itself exists as a site of performance, both literally and symbolically. In this course, the student will study the history of New York performance, the distinctive theater and film industries and cultures of New York, and “the current season.” We will also learn about the world of New York theatrical criticism, and become critics ourselves. Through research papers, short critical essays, presentations, and an immersion trip, students will engage with New York City as a center of national and global performance culture. This course is offered in the spring semester of 2013.

Credits: 1 or 1/2