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Academic Bulletin Our Core Values - 2008-09

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A rigorous liberal arts education that fosters

  • An appreciation for the intellectual and physical aspects of a good life
  • An understanding of and appreciation for other cultures

A personal context to teaching and learning that encourages

  • Candid, respectful, face-to-face conversations
  • Freedom of thought
  • A local scholarly community that creates lifelong relationships

Individual responsibility and trust that are

  • Based on moral and ethical awareness
  • Expressed in the Gentleman’s Rule
  • Required for leadership and teamwork

A socially, economically, and ethnically diverse student body characterized by

  • A dedication to the serious pursuit of learning
  • A culture of competition without malice 
  • A few years of residence, a lifetime of loyalty

A tradition and philosophy of independence that

  • Keeps the College from external control
  • Allows the Wabash community to shape significantly its own destiny
  • Promotes independence and self-reliance in its students and graduates.