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Academic Bulletin Freshman Tutorials - 2008-09 - 8 FT 8

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FT 08-R The Blues Experience: Exploring Blues Music, Cultures, and Literature in the U.S. South and the Global South

Ravyn Wilson-Bernard, Department of English

What do Nigerian Elvis impersonators, Appalachian farm women, Billie Holiday, and Billy Bob Thornton have in common? Surprisingly enough, the answer to this question can greatly impact the way we view ourselves in the context of a global community. When people typically think of “the blues” they tend to focus only on the musical genre. In this course, we will experience a blues aesthetic that has a much larger scope. Through a study of the blues in cultures of the United States South and the Global South, we will reveal a maze of curious roots that bind seemingly disparate cultures. We will explore blues aesthetics in film, music, art, and literature.


Credits: 1