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Academic Bulletin Freshman Tutorials - 2008-09 - 8 FT 8

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Fall Semester

FT 08-C Fathers and Sons

Doug Calisch, Art Department

Fathers and Sons: if you are a male, then one or both of these labels describes you. But what do those descriptions mean, and how have they developed? From Oedipus and Laius to the Presidents Bush, the relationships between fathers and sons are historically charged with intensity and passion.


Love/hate, caring/competition, respect/irreverence, presence/absence, and the coming of age/fear of growing old are dichotomies that can characterize this relationship between males. This class will examine the variety of ways that fathers and sons are depicted in our culture through film and literature. Our journey will involve looking at cultural stereotypes, human nature, and personal experiences. In addition, students will reflect on their roles in this powerful and ever-changing relationship through writing, and discussion. The course, like all Freshman Tutorials, will focus on improving communication skills. The theme of Fathers and Sons will be our vehicle to develop critical observation skills, while cultivating talents as readers, writers, and speakers. Because Professor Rosenberg’s Freshmen Tutorial section shares a similar theme (Men and Masculinities), the two FT groups will combine for several readings, film viewings and discussions.

Credits: 1