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Academic Bulletin Teacher Education - 2008-09 - 400 EDU 400

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EDU 400 Adolescent Literacy and Learning in the Content Areas

Building on Education 302, which will reinforce content perspectives on general methodologies, this course will focus on the integral role of literacy in the teaching and learning of the content areas. Students will be introduced to the major theories of literacy learning as well as current research on adolescent literacy teaching and learning. As part of an on-going instruction in the concept that classroom research is a viable method for ongoing professional growth and development in all content areas, the course will take both field-based and inquiry-based approaches. Students will conduct a classroom based research project that enables them to better understand the challenges and benefits of teaching and learning literacy in their content fields. In addition, the field experience will culminate in the development of a one-week teaching unit that will be taught in a local high school. Level: Admitted seniors only. This course is typically offered in the first half of fall semester.

Prerequisites: PSY 101, EDU 101, EDU 201, EDU 302 and admission to the Teacher Education Program.

Credits: 1/2