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Academic Bulletin Theater - 2008-09 - 212 THE 212

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THE 212 History and Literature of the Theater: The French Renaissance to the Rise of Realism

The class will study the history of theater and the diverse forms of drama written between 1660 and 1900. Representative plays from the era, as well as theoretical and critical response to the works, will be the major focus of the course. Attention will also be paid to theatrical conventions and practices, along with discussion of varying interpretations and production problems discovered in each play. The works to be studied include The Misanthrope, Ph├ędre, The Rover, The Way of the World, The London Merchant, The Love Suicides at Sonezaki, She Stoops to Conquer, The Dog of Montargis, Woyzek, A Doll House, The Master Builder, Miss Julie, The Ghost Sonata, A Flea in Her Ear, and Ubu Roi. The plays will be discussed as instruments for theatrical production; as examples of dramatic structure, style, and genre; and, most importantly, as they reflect the moral, social, and political issues of their time. This course is offered in the spring semester, 2007-2008 and alternate years.

Credits: 1