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Academic Bulletin Rhetoric - 2008-09 - 497 RHE 497

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Capstone Course

RHE 497 Senior Seminar

The Senior Seminar is a capstone course for speech majors. Speech majors conduct an original and extended research project in a sub-area of the field. In the process, they read and discuss relevant texts and journal articles as a class. The course covers procedures for conducting each of the components of the project (i.e., discovery and refinement of a research question, selection of appropriate materials for study, selection of an appropriate method, literature review of appropriate scholarship, the analysis itself and the preparation of the manuscript). This course also provides senior majors a forum for the investigation and discussion of the ethical issues and responsibilities they have as communicators. This course is offered in the fall semester.

Prerequisites: Students are encouraged to take Speech 320 and Speech 350 prior to taking 497.

Credits: 1