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Academic Bulletin Rhetoric - 2008-09 - 240 RHE 240

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Intermediate Courses—Literature/Fine Arts

RHE 240 Communication Theory

This course pursues five related goals. First, it gives students the background necessary for further study of communication issues in a variety of contexts. The central communicative issues highlighted in Rhetoric 240 include language, meaning, information, interaction, and influence. Second, this course gives students a grounding in the two dominant perspectives that inform communication research: the humanistic and social scientific research paradigms. Third, the course introduces students to the parameters and chief areas of concern in the field of communication and its relationship to other disciplines such as English, Psychology, and Political Science. Fourth, the course discusses the philosophical assumptions that serve as the foundations for theories and the ethical issues that arise in the process of such scholarly endeavor. Finally, this course focuses on application and develops student competencies in using theories to analyze communicative events. 

Credits: 1