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ENG 497 Seminar in English Literature: Gender Criticism
In what ways do conceptions of “masculinity” and “femininity” shape the way we create and respond to texts? In this seminar, we will consider this question, one that has been central to literary study for the past two decades. We will also look at gender criticism in relation to other critical currents like formalism, psychoanalysis, multiculturalism, new historicism, gay studies, and cultural studies. During the first half of the semester we will read and view a range of works to create a common context for our discussions. (Writers and filmmakers might be chosen from among Shakespeare, Austen, Melville, Dickinson, Cather, Hemingway, E.M. Forster, John Ford, Richard Wright, Anne Sexton, Russell Banks, Jane Campion, Toni Morrison). The second half of the semester will be devoted to individual research projects shared with the class. This course is offered in the spring semester (Not offered 2005-2006)
Credits: 1