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Wabash Ranked Prominently in Princeton Review’s Best 389 Colleges

Driven by outstanding professors, Wabash College is featured prominently in The Princeton Review’s listing of the best institutions nationally for undergraduate education in its annual college guide, receiving top-five rankings in eight categories.

Wabash professors ranked No. 1 nationally in accessibility and No. 2 for high marks, setting the pace for a robust rankings profile. Additionally, career services (No. 2), campus newspaper (No. 3), student government (No. 3), and financial aid (No. 5) each garnered top-five rankings.

Inclusion in The Princeton Review’s Best 389 Colleges indicates that Wabash stands among the top-15 percent of more than 2,500 U.S.-based four-year colleges.

Wabash professors ranked No. 1 nationally in accessibility and No. 2 for high marks, setting the pace for a robust rankings profile.The review includes detailed accounts of the best schools with rating scores in eight categories. Wabash received an overall academic rating of 91 with scores of 96 and 98 in the categories associated with teaching, interesting faculty, and accessibility.

The Princeton Review’s Best 389 Colleges guide is among the very few that consider the student experience,” said Wabash President Scott Feller. “It’s a testament to our institutional culture of teaching and learning that Wabash is ranked so highly for the quality and accessibility of our professors and the excellence of the classroom experience. And, of course, our alumni network, career center, and rigorous internship program continue to be ranked among the very best in the nation.”

Now in its 32nd year of recognizing outstanding colleges and universities, The Princeton Review offers 50 ranking lists, each identifying the top-25 colleges nationally (of the 389 profiled) in those specific categories. The colleges included on these lists are those with a track record of student satisfaction since The Princeton Review surveys more than 160,000 students who rate and report on their own campus experiences through an 85-question survey.

The surveys address a range of topics that prospective students might find interesting or ask about on a campus visit, from academics and administration to amenities, politics, and social life. Each ranking is based solely on student survey responses.

On average, The Princeton Review surveys more than 400 students per campus in an on-line format. Surveying is a continuous process where students submit surveys online from all schools included in the book. Those surveys can be completed at any time, though the system only accepts one survey from a student per academic year per school.

Wabash appeared in 40% of the 50 lists and ranked in the top-10 in 10 of those, including:

#1        Most Accessible Professors

#2        Best Career Services

#2        Professors Get High Marks

#2        Top 20 Best Alumni Networks (Private Schools)

#3        Best College Newspaper

#3        Most Active Student Government

#4        Top 20 Best Schools for Internships (Private Schools)

#5        Great Financial Aid

#7        Students Love Their School Teams

#8        Lots of Greek Life

#12     Best College Theater

#13     Best Health Services

#13     Everyone Plays Intramural Sports

#14     Best Classroom Experience

#15     Best Run Colleges

#21     Lots of Race/Class Interaction

#22     Best Student Support and Counseling Services

#24     Best Athletic Facilities

#26     Top 50 Best Value Colleges (Private Schools)

In April, The Princeton Review rated Wabash as No. 2 nationally in Best Alumni Network for private schools, No. 4 in Best Internship Opportunities, and No. 26 in Best Value Colleges for private schools in its publication, The Best Value Colleges.

Wabash has been featured in every edition of The Princeton Review’s college guide since the service was established in 1992.