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Hoff’s Corner: Home Away From Home

It was just a small group of guys sitting around in a parking lot simply spending time with each other. There was no program, no event to watch at the moment, no music playing, and very few people coming and going—only the pavement, lawn chairs, mildly warm air, some TWR, and a high level of comfort. If you didn’t know them, you might think they were brothers, family members, or, at minimum, friends who see each other frequently. Yet, they actually see each other about once each year. 

(Left to right) Scott Lahr ’85, Tom Julian ’83, Scott Teach ’86, David Hayhurst ’83, Kurt Lightcap ’83 and Offensive Line Coach Mike Deal.This was the scene behind Little Giant Stadium after the October 2022 football game vs. Hiram. This close-knit group included the entire starting offensive line and their coach from the undefeated 1982 football team. They are remarkable. Some may say it is not surprising they are close now because they went through an undefeated season together, but I submit it’s the other way around: we had an undefeated season BECAUSE these guys were so close. 

I was alerted earlier that week that they were getting together. After the game, as I was coming through the parking lot when I stopped to say hello. 

The group included the starting line of Scott Lahr ’85, Tom Julian ’83, Scott Teach ’86, David Hayhurst ’83, and Kurt Lightcap ’83; their offensive line coach, Mike Deal; plus, Rich Blastic ’82, Frank Kolisek ’82, Jim Snyder ’82, Dave Taylor ’83, and Dan Taylor ’83. Earlier attendees included Bill Grant ’84, Tony Altavilla ’85, Tim Heston ’84, and others, I’m sure. Teach and Deal both traveled from Florida, and Lightcap from Chicago, to see their buddies, so they certainly make an effort to be a part of this small brotherhood. And, as you can imagine, stories and laughter were the norm! We even had a nice moment when current quarterback, Liam Thompson ’24, stopped by. 

By the time that I left, the sun was setting, but it wasn’t setting on their comfortable friendships and camaraderie. They showed no interest in leaving the shadow of their home-away-from-home, Little Giant Stadium.