My favorite day of the year
by Steve Webb ’83

An unexpected gift
by David Kubiak

The birds of heaven
by Peter Matthiessen

In Praise of WWII veterans
by Ronald Rychlak ’80

The "Tristan chord"
by Judd Danby

On the Eve of the Hearing
by Pattiann Rogers

Dizzy and a Teacup
by John Zimmerman H’67

Someone you'd like to meet
by Buck Miller

Between worlds
by David Brown ’02

A spirit of reconciliation
by Marcus White ’91

by Earl Shorris

A strong and quiet courage
by Greg Britton ’84

The pleasure of reading
by Carol Tyx

A pursuit of beauty
by Paul McKinney ’52

The most beautiful equation
by Keith Devlin

Creencias: the beliefs of our elders
by Carlota Duarte

Striking from any angle
by Eric Rowland ’83

by Doug Calisch

A confluence of faith, art, and cultures
by James Govan ’58

The Sacred Thread
by Raymond Williams

Dia de los muertos
by Michael Zadoorian

A Tale of Two Mountains
Bruce Polizotto

A crossing
by Pattiann Rogers

A tribute to Tovi
by James Barnes H’91

Egret at Sunrise
by David Krohne

by Floyd Collins

That Which has Happened a Billion Times and Will Happen a Billion Times Again
by Brian Doyle

A Boy and his dog
by Jason Bethay ’03









Winter/Spring 2002


Students, alumni, professors, and campus guests
on “Whatever is lovely, worthy of praise."

If you haven’t seen it in person, then maybe in the movies: white smoke rising from a censer swung through the aisles of the cathedral, billowing from a sang-khun during a Buddhist festival, being waved over the body from a smudge stick during a Native American ritual.

The incense cloud rises into the air, a tangible expression of praise or gratitude.

When WM asked faculty, students, and a group of alumni and campus guests to introduce us to something they found “lovely, noble, or worthy of praise,” the sense of wonder, respect, and pleasure in their words and images was reminiscent of that incense. Think of the Homecoming bonfire, your classmates and professors silhouetted by flames and telling stories.

We’ve collected excerpts and selections from their responses. Click on the titles at left to read them.


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