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Wabash Sets National
Benchmarks in Student Survey

Ground Zero: A Journal
(complete text)

by Vince Druding ’99

Wabash College
Dean Norman Moore


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Alumni Gallery

by John Zimmerman H’63

Faculty Gallery

by Doug Calisch

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Magazine Online
Winter/Spring 2002

"Whatever is Lovely, Worthy of Praise"

“Whatever is lovely, whatever is noble, if there be any virtue, anything worthy of praise—think on these things.”
Phillippians 4:8

The verse is Christian scripture, but the suggestion transcends religion. And its strongest advocate is the liberal arts.


A Man's Life: What is a Story Worth?
by Dean Reynolds ’70, National Correspondent, ABC NEWS
Those who ask why someone would risk his life for a story should ask themselves if they really prefer to live in ignorance.

A Point of Observation
Prospective students and visiting scholars will get their first glimpse of the Wabash campus through a building designed by Eric Rowland ’86.

Incense:"Whatever is Lovely, Worthy of Praise"
Wabash alumni, faculty, students, and campus guests reflect and capture the beautiful and praiseworthy.

Turning Point: Confessions of a Townie

by Jim Amidon ’87

Speaking of Sports
by Brent Harris

Works in Progress: Todd Vogel ’03

by Jim Amidon ’87

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