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George T. Patton, Jr. '84 on "Caleb Mills: Advocate for Public Schools"

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Law & Order in America: "Remarkable Progress or Calm Before the Storm"
Do five straight years of sliding crime rates really mean the criminal justice system is getting better at deterring criminal acts? A panel of Wabash alumni judges, attorneys, law enforcement officers, and corrections officials share their views on the system's current status and the roles they play in trying to improve it.

Law & Disorder: How Y2K May Affect the Legal System
All New Mexico state courts will be closed the first week of January 2000 to track down their Y2K-related computer problems. An alarmist reaction? An expert in legal technology says "no" and explains why.

Mr. Vice President's Brush with the Law
How a future vice president of the United States penned a piece of Wabash student journalism that landed him in court and nearly cost him $20,000

Hearts of Darkness
"Hijacked by Capitalists" in China and talking with survivors of the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia, a psychology professor chronicles the human toll when institutions of law and justice collapse under "the reign of Saturn."

Moot Court: "An Experience Every Wabash Man Needs"
After five straight years of increased participation, Wabash College's Moot Court competition continues as an enriching experience for students, faculty, and alumni attorneys.

Rites of Violence
An interview with Men of Blood author Professor of English Warren Rosenberg focuses on the Jewish historical and cultural sources of the maxim: "to be a man, you must be willing and able to kill."

Josh Patty '99: Taking the Right Path
With interests as diverse as his talents, singer, writer, debater, and student of politics and religion Josh Patty '99 found "the right path" at Wabash

Artifacts from the Council Grove Minute Men

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