NAWM Board Announces “Wabash Day”
by Tom Runge '71
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The board of directors of the National Association of Wabash Men (NAWM) unanimously adopted a proposal for a national day of community service called "Wabash Day" – that Wabash standing for "Wabash Alumni Benefiting And Serving Humanity.

The concept is for Wabash regional associations to perform one or more community service projects on either Saturday, October 29, 2005 or Sunday, October 30, 2005.   Alumni living in areas without formal regional associations can form an "ad hoc association" for Wabash Day. 

Wabash Day will unite Wabash Men around the country and the world, who will provide living examples of the gentlemen's rule and of the mission statement of the college—to think critically, to act responsibly, to lead effectively, and to live humanely.  

Wabash Day will provide useful service to communities where Wabash men live, and it will provide a low-cost one-day, fun event that regional associations can do, thus strengthening regional associations.  Wabash Day will strengthen the Wabash family because it can include family members such as spouses, children, widows, parents, and others, and because it can help the Wabash family grow by recruiting students to the college. 

According to Jon Pactor ’71, the author of the proposal: "Each regional association will operate with a large degree of autonomy to select, organize, and perform its own projects, subject only to a few rules of NAWM and the spirit of Wabash Day".  NAWM's hope is that each group will pick a project important to their community, involve as many members of the Wabash community as possible, and document their efforts.  Pactor went on to stress the idea is "to have fun while strengthening our communities, our Wabash family, and our world." 

Many associations have committed to the idea.  If alumni in your area want to join in, simply let the Alumni and Parent Relations office know via an email ( or a call (765-361-6369) or contact Pactor at or 317-636-0686.