Filmmaker Russ Harbaugh '06 on 'Love After Love'  
(on his father, Glenn; a director and filmmaker himself, and his impact on Russ' directing after his passing): 'I feel more free to investigate the things that he loved. He was a big Harold Pinter guy. He wrote his dissertation on Pinter. I didn’t know who that was until after he was dead. I just fell in love with him; in part because of my dad, but also because I responded to the same things my dad did in those plays – the surface of things hitting up against the subterranean, emotional boil of things. I’m not sure I would have felt as allowed to pursue that stuff if he were still around.' This image features Glenn with Russ (right) and twin brother, Barry, and was taken from Harbaugh's 'Love After Love' image bible.  
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