Filmmaker Russ Harbaugh '06 on 'Love After Love'  
(when he first felt like a filmmaker, during the filming of ROTFL): 'The scene stopped at a point where it shouldn’t stop, and the shot wasn’t good. I stayed out there and re-wrote the scene. Christine, my director of photography, stayed up there and we redesigned the shot. It was a big shot that moved down this table as this small talk was happening, and kind of right up into the face of this son, who says, 'No, you should ask me.' It was so good, you could feel it. In one take, and everyone knew that was really good. I remember having this feeling of just total magic It was such a joy. It was the last day of the shoot, and I remember feeling, ‘Oh, I think I can do this, actually. I’m not crazy.' It was the first time that it didn’t feel like pretending. I came up with an idea that actually worked. That shot became very important to me.'  
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