Filmmaker Russ Harbaugh '06 on 'Love After Love'  
(how he finds truth in small gestures): 'A lot of those moments you find in the edit room. But I think what happens is the scenes in the script would be—our script would have like, the family prepares dinner. And we would just give them the ingredients for a meal, a cookbook, and we would make sure we were shooting it at the right time where the light would be good in the room. We would just shoot this wide shot of them kind of cooking dinner. It’s in the movie. You’re just watching them prepare dinner, and everything that they do in that scene, to me, is infused with this kind of weight — everything feels intentional and essential and dramatic — all of the stuff in that scene are small gestures, but it’s the actors filling this void that the script didn’t want to fill in itself.'  
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