Wally in the Lab  

Gunderman's concluding thoughts challenged everyone in the audience to expand their view of what laboratory means. 'One feature of a Wabash liberal arts education is the ability to distinguish between small-minded rules and big-hearted principles.


'And the part of this story that touches me most deeply is the story… we could have given up. We could have written him off. But good people kept looking for the Dr. Ed beneath all those psychiatric and neurologic disabilities.

'They focused not just on what he couldn’t do but on what he might just be able to do if presented with the appropriate opportunity. I call that the best kind of experimentation in the laboratory of life – not to give up hope but to keep trying. To keep making invitations. To keep issuing the summons to another human being to let their better self shine forth.

'I call that experimentation of the very best kind in the laboratory of life. And I believe that’s the kind of investigation, that’s the kind of cultivation of human potential that can really transform lives.' Click here to see more photos from Wally in the Lab.


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