Wally in the Lab  
Gunderman shared a story told to him by Emily, a former student of his at IU School of Medicine. The story was about her father, a physician like herself, and his suffering from Alzheimer's. She told of the care he received from two compassionate nurses. Day in and day out they gave him time and helped him retain his dignity - something he had done for so many throughout his career as a cardiologist.

'I don’t know what that story means to you. That’s not the cure for Alzheimer’s. That’s not a treatment that can stop its relentless progression. It’s not the cure for cancer. It’s not the way to grow new neurons after a stroke. It’s not the elixir of life, the fountain of youth. It’s not an ocean of immortality. It’s just a story about somebody suffering from the irreversible, relentless progression of a terrible disease. What could we possibly learn from that?

'In what sense is that a laboratory of life?

'That’s the kind of question a Wabash education should prepare us to answer. Mortality is not a problem we’ll be licking any time soon. How do you care for those who are declining? How do you care for those who are suffering? How do you care for those who are dying?'

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