500 Strong: Wabash College in the Civil War  

Wabash Sports Information Director Brent Harris switched hats to another passion—the study of the Civil War—and discussed the Battle of Chickagmauga, one of the bloodiest battles of the War and one in which more Wabash men died than any other fight of the conflict.

Harris read from the diary of Henry Campbell, Wabash Class of 1871, who fought at Chickamauga and whose descriptions included fighting in the infamous 'Ditch of Death': 

“The roar is perfectly awful - nothing can be compared with it. - If ten million pieces of sheet iron were all shaken at once it wouldn't be a drop in the bucket… About 3 o'clock the Rebels made a furious charge on us, drove the skirmishers back from the ditch in our front, and occupied it. Captain Lilly moved forward two guns on the left, to a position where he would rake the ditch from end to end, opened out with thribble charges of canister down the ditch, which compelled the Rebels to retreat in confusion. The ditch was literally full of killed and wounded and proved to be a self made grave for hundreds of them.'

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