James Gross and Team Build Set for 'The Miser'  
James picked up a paintbrush out of one of the windows and seemingly discovered it had paint on it (when he accidently got paint on the wall). He carried the brush over and quickly dabbed the paint across the top of the fireplace – was that where he was heading before he picked up the paintbrush or did he just decide to use the paint that was on the brush when he discovered it was wet? Again – a detail I would have never noticed until it was there – then I thought, yup – better. He walked off the stage and up the side of the house rolling his shoulders and stretching his back – his hands on his hips and elbows back to work a kink out of his shoulder blades. He laughed as he noticed my camera watching him ache. At the top of the house he surveyed the work. He turned out the house lights to survey again. He slowly descended the steps toward the stage – picked up the cake now mostly gone and snacked as he stepped back to the stage. He gave a couple quick instructions and said, 'I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with that spot there.' After a couple suggestions the men all began to pick up their tools and get set for opening.  
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