History of Christianity in Africa, Day Four, Album One  

I didn’t think much of it until I noticed others hitching similar rides. I asked Denis Maina, a man who works with youth in Nairobi and has been one of our companions on this trip, just what the men were doing, and his answered surprised me.

“They are looking for work,” he explained. “They see truck that is likely going to a construction site, jump on the back, and ride to the site with hopes of getting a job for the day.” The man had chased down the truck for just the hope of a job. I started to notice all the small enterprises, the creative names. This was no slum, but a working class neighborhood trying to find its way forward, day to day. Students have written in their blogs about the courage and resilience of the children they’ve met, but that image of a young man running alongside our bus is the one I carry to remind me of the power of hope.

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