2011 Honorary Degree Luncheon  

Introducing Dr. Walter Massey, President White said:

"We welcome you to Wabash today, your first time on our campus, as already a brother in spirit and tradition, for you are a 1958 graduate of Morehouse College, a liberal arts college for men that all of America and Wabash especially respects for its distinguished history of graduating men who become leaders in the world.

"Your career continues to be one of the brightest in the history of the men of Morehouse, including your leadership as a physicist after receiving your Ph.D. from Washington University in St. Louis, as a business executive serving on numerous corporate boards, and especially for your leadership for over 12 years as President of Morehouse.

"You exemplify a life lived in the active engagement in the central problems of your time. As a scientist, as Director of the National Science Foundation, as Director of the Argonne National Laboratory, and an academic leader, you have guided the nation to see that our greatness depends on bringing all the best minds of the country to opportunities in physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology.

"As you take on yet another challenge as President of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a whole new realm of endeavor, Wabash honors you for your life of leadership and action in public service and your commitment to the highest ambitions of American higher education." 

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