2011 Honorary Degree Luncheon  

"I make it my business to interrogate young men wherever i go—this practice began as being the father of four daughters," Governor Daniels said. "I run into a fair number of Wabash students, and when I ask them about their education, every single time they say, "It is tough—tougher than anything I’d ever faced.' And when I hear that  I just want to clap and jump for joy, because that’s what it ought to be, that’s what they need it to be. Because that is the kind of institution it is.

"I am a major admirer of this institution. If I’d not chosen to go out of state to see a little more of the world for my schooling, I’m just certain I would have chosen Wabash. In fact, I chose an all male institution, and my choice seemed right for me at the time. 

"So my admiration for this institution has grown over the years as you have thoughtfully chosen to maintain that tradition and that option for young men. We ought to offer the broadest range of educational options for our citizens."

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