2011 Honorary Degree Luncheon  

Governor Daniels enjoys one of several ancecdotes Charles told during his remarks. 

Introducing Governor Daniels as the next speaker, President White said:

"It has been said that politics is the art of the possible. In your life in business and politics you have practiced that art with a solid dose of the pragmatic and a commitment to getting things done. Your actions have endeared you to some, infuriated others, and at times surprised and confused both friends and foes. That’s part of the nature of the work of politics, the practice of leadership, and the price of action.

"But you have handled both praise and blame with an admirable equanimity, a wry humor, and an eye on the prize of what, in your judgment, is best for the people of the state. For your leadership is not mere pragmatism.

"You have grounded your politics in your understanding of the Constitution and the founding principles of American culture and your vision of a free society. In this linking of the practical and high ideals, action to responsibility, your life resonates with the demands of the Wabash mission to educate young men to think critically, act responsibly, lead effectively, and live humanely.

"Wabash honors you today for your work and service as governor of the state of Indiana through difficult years, for your steadfast commitment to the possible and the principled in getting things done, and for your life of high achievement in business, public service, and the noble and messy vocation of politics."

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