2011 Honorary Degree Luncheon  

Introducing Bob Charles ’59, President White said: 

"Your life and career exemplify the great possibilities that arise in a life well lived when the power of a Wabash liberal arts education comes together with Wabash grit, chutzpah, and entrepreneurial spirit.

"After graduating from Wabash in 1959 you began graduate school at the University of Arizona in horticulture, but you found your predictable academic path ambushed by opportunity. With courage you jumped into this new start up called McDonald’s and entered the restaurant business. More businesses and opportunities followed and in every one you practiced innovation, creativity, and leadership.

"In your philanthropy and in your business, you demonstrate a life awake to possibilities…

"Wabash is proud to honor you as an innovative thinker, leader, and entrepreneur, whose life has been lived in bringing together constant and passionate learning and thoughtful action."



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