2011 Honorary Degree Luncheon  

"I’m greatly honored as a graduate of Wabash to be recognized today. This is more than a little bit humbling," Charles said. "So much happened here to me as a student that significantly shaped my life, and I wanted to mention a few of these.

"I had faculty that I thought really cared about me as a person. If I had issues or concerns I could always meet with them—they were always there, and they could always help me.

"I learned how to think and how to solve problems, and that’s helped me well in my career. Wabash helped me develop a lot of confidence, taught me to be prepared, and to anticipate the unexpected.

"Going to graduate school was a walk in the park after going to school here."

Charles continued: "People sometimes ask me, 'Why did you take such a risk?' I try to explain to them that, 'where you see risk, I see opportunity.' That's just the way i look at things, probably because of that confidence I picked up here and from what I learned from my dad.

"Today there are so many opportunities for young people, but you have to be able to take risks. Students come to me today and ask, 'What should I do?' I ask, 'What do you want to do?'"


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