2011 Faculty and Staff Retiree Recognition Album One  

Professor Joe Day is in Greece leading students on an immersion trip and could not attend the luncheon, a fact which, Professor David Kubiak said, "accurately sums up the tenor of Joe' s 28-year career.

"Joe’s devotion to teaching, to raising up our students to the highest intellectual level possible, has consistently marked his time at Wabash, together with an impressive body of scholarly work," Kubiak said. 

"Joe believes in Greek and Latin literature as an important formative, and potentially transformative, influence on our students and on society at large, and this credo can be sensed in the lives of many Wabash men over the years, who had never encountered classical studies until they took a course with him, and who would eventually become denizens of the Detchon Classics Library, usually invisible because of the immense pile of books surrounding them."


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